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The office of “A Friendly Clinic – Networking” Programme
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Statement of implementing the Patient service standards in the Health Institution

under the name Specjalistyczny Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej „MOTO-MED” Kazimiera Sikora
located at the address: ulica Słoneczna 1, 25-731 Kielce

We hereby declare that with respect to the Criteria of eligibility for the “Friendly Clinic – Networking” Programme – The implemented standards of Patient services:

The Institution has defined and implemented, that is made known to its entire medical and intermediate staff, the Patient services standards, covering at minimum:

  • The defined role of patient’s health care assistant assigned to specific members of medical personnel. The roles of the patient’s health care assistant include, in particular: carefully watching the patients in the waiting room, approaching everybody who seems to be looking for assistance or information, approaching everybody who has been waiting for more than 15 minutes and clarifying the reason for the delay and the expected waiting time, handing out interesting reading materials or a gadget, offering and serving hot drinks,
  • Printed information about the most frequent problems with Patient care, e.g. about the ways of managing incorrectly drawn up referrals, as well as defined and printed clear “how to get there” to a given Medical Facility (to be used during telephone conversation with the Patients, if necessary),
  • Visit confirmation process, e.g. through handing out to the Patient visiting the facility a card with information about the date and time of scheduled visit and specifying the full name of the physician/dentist/therapist,
  • Guidelines regarding so-called “Difficult Patient”, e.g. the process of welcoming to a separate room and conversation with the Patient Health Care Coordinator in the Facility and attentively and without interruption hearing the Patient’s remarks,
  • The process of the visit in the dentist’s office, including the description of the attitude and actions of the physician/dentist/therapist, in particular, specifying who can be present during the examination or medical procedure, and how/in what circumstances the members of Personnel of the Facility can enter the dentist’s office during the visit (to respect the Patient’s right to intimacy), as well as indicating the systemic method of guaranteeing the legibility of prescriptions, recommendations and other documents handed out to the Patient after the visit.
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