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One of the most crucial elements of root canal treatment in MOTO-MED facilities is tight-proof and durable filling of the tooth’s canal. To achieve this, we have successfully utilised B Obtura System.

The B System is used for filling the root apex, and first of all, closing the opening of the canal. GuttaFlow, regarded as the best filling material, is heated up and condensed. This prevents the pushing of material beyond the canal’s opening. Obtura is used for filling in the remaining part of the canal. GuttaFlow is heated up to 200 degrees Celsius, thus achieving high plasticity. Material in such form is the most biocompatible material. The benefit of this method is the more accurate compression of material, recompensing the GuttaFlow’s shrinkage, thus allowing for more tight-proof filling of the canal.

This medical procedure is completely safe for our Patients.

In MOTO-MED facilities, apart from using various apparatus, we pay utmost attention to guaranteeing sterility during the root canal filling procedures. Dental dam (rubber sheeting) is used for isolating the tooth from oral cavity and thorough flushing is performed. Precise canal filling procedure in our facilities is supported by oedometric measurement of its length and path.

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