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Moto-Med Clinic owns and utilises the most technologically advanced in the market Computed Axial Tomograph Optident CS 9300 3D. Thanks to the fusion of three technologies – cephalometric, panoramic radiography and three-dimensional imaging, our CAT scanner enables extraoral diagnostics. CAT scan allows us to obtain clear image of selected teeth or the entire upper and lower jaw, mandibular joints or sinuses.

This makes possible in-depth examination of their structure. Moreover, the measurements are carried out in real time. This, among others, allows for accurately selecting the implants and determining their situation in relation to the topography of blood vessels and nerves. CAT scan allows for fast evaluation of tooth structures or pathologic changes. It shows three-dimensionally and in great detail the selected areas in high resolution, which is extremely important in endodontic and periodontic treatment, whilst panoramic tomography and cephalometric scans show only the overall image. It needs to be stressed that everything is performed with the use of radiovisiography, reducing the exposure of the Patient to radiation. We pay special attention to this – explains doctor Sikora.

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